Fish by the Pound

Try our amazing mouth watering Smelt. Fully Dressed (Cleaned) to make your cooking experience easier.  These fine tasting, mild delights have a soft texture and a high source of many healthy nutrients like omega-3 fatty acid. A great crowd pleaser!

Smelt by the Pound

This mouth watering delight is sure to please everyone.  Has a soft texture with a mild sweet taste.  High source of many healthy nutrients like omega-3 fatty acid.  The smelt is “dressed” (cleaned) making your prep time easier.

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How & Where to Buy

UpperHand Fish operates in numerous avenues in the Great Lakes Region:

1. Local Farmers Markets

Summer & Fall Months:

Find us at the Farmers Market in Ann Arbor, MI on Saturdays and Wednesdays.

Summer & Early Fall:

Find us at the Saturday market in Plymouth Michigan.

2. Online Orders

Growing Hope Online Farmers Market

Place online orders at the Growing Hope Farmers Market and pickup in-person at the Ypsilanti Market on Tuesdays.

Market Wagon Online Farmers Market

We also sell through the Market Wagon Online Farmers Market. You can order our products through their site if you live in the Western, Midwest, or Southeast Region of Michigan. We also support the Indianapolis/Indiana region and Columbus/Ohio region.

3. Buy Direct & Pick-up in Person

If you wish to preorder your products directly from us, please email us directly at

You can pay for your order online and pick up at either the Ann Arbor or Plymouth Farmers Markert.

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